“leader of the pack…”

 Fleet-footed MESSENGER, bearer of DREAMS, the FOOL heralds an EXPERIENCEof JOURNEY and DESTINATION.  The ALPHA aspect of SELF points to TRANSFORMATION, making each MOMENT a creative, new BEGINNING.  Camouflaging GRACE with the swift pace of ordinary events, the inner TRICKSTER  Teaches that there is NOTHING to lose, EVERYWHERE to go, and that the only way around a problem is   THROUGH it.

Completion of a cycle.  Ability to move in any direction.  Change of plans.  INNOCENCE.





“season of the witch?/p>

Like the snake, the MAGICIAN is a master of charm and POWER.  Through WILL and creative INTELLIGENCE, situations are transformed and spiritual fulfillment is within reach.  One wishes for MAGIC, yet attempts to MANIPULATE it can distort REALITY.  When goals are clearly connected to the great work of EVOLUTION, the resulting ALCHEMY produced golden UNDERSTANDING.


Chameleons and Mirrors.  Shape-shifting.  Beware of false prophets.  SKILL.





“heart of gold…”

The FEMININE SOUL manifests in the HIGH PRIESTESS.  It is this aspect of self which keeps secrets and, after severe testing, dispenses the WISDOM OF AGES as healing balm.  Dancing to FREEDOM between great pillars of DARK and LIGHT, the GODDESS teaches that there is always something to be learned from a situation; truth is only TRUTH when it is experienced in the MOMENT.

Desire for Knowledge.  Common Sense.  Music of the Spheres.  Tolerence.  INTUITION





“like a rainbow…”

Giver of LIFE, mother of SELF-invention, INTELLIGENCE behind the great WHEEL of karmic connections, the EMPRESS authors an EARTHSONG to which all souls resonate.  By alliance with her influence, ties to the PAST are unbound and MOTION is enabled.  Her nurturing gifts bring HARMONY to the inner COMMUNITY, allowing integrated ACTION to bear fruit and multiply.

Birth.  The Female Mystique.  The measure of all things.  Becoming.  Success.  PASSION





“my guy…”

The MALE SOUL personifies responsible LEADERSHIP, yet the MAN is always surprised to gaze within LIFES?MIRROR at a young BOY who wears the EMPERORS? new clothes.  If he is wise, he balances the cherished IMAGE of YOUTH with the AUTHORITY of his sacred COMMAND; only through COMPASSION will he discover the treasured goal of a place in HISTORY.

Hot Seat.  Decisions to be made.  Potency.  POWER.






The HIEROPHANT masters the task of overcoming obstacles through the art of CONFRONTATION.  Honoring TRADITIONS whose INTENT is neither understood nor agreed upon is never easy, yet it is a BLESSING to relinquish CONTROL and enjoy a MOMENTS? enhanced REALITY.  Within the SYMMETRY of surrounding symbols, the inner PRIEST transforms ordinary ENERGY into the SACRED and DIVINE.

Donning the right Mask will sometimes reveal the hidden Splendor within.  Rite.  Ceremony.  Offerings.  INITIATION.




“close to you…”

Entire galaxies orbit around the WORLD of INTIMACY.  The sexual MAGNETIC offers a mystical EXPERIENCE far removed from the muscle and blood of conscious, daily living; karmic OPPORTUNITIES join ?or clash ?in the unifying ATTRACTION OF OPPOSITES.  When the INITIATE makes LOVE within the sacred LIGHT, two flames become ONE.

Rolling Thunder.  Remember to breathe.  Self-value.  Romance.  HEART.




“do the locomotion…”

DREAMS drive the CHARIOT across a landscape of MIND, speeding MOBILITY in specific directions, impelling observations of NATURES?TRANSCIENCE.  No matter how many PASSENGERS are along for the ride, the DRIVER is alone at the WHEEL, steering a course toward DESTINYS? HORIZON.

Travel.  Recovery of karmic debt.  Uncharted Territory.  Know your Vehicle.  Motivation.  PROGRESS




 “i can see for miles…”

People gaze into the MIRROR of LAW, searching for FREEDOM and the REALIZATION of all SELVES.  Feet grounded in the earthly manifestation of spiritual REALITY, the WISE ONES see all sides and choose VIRTUE.  Able to balance the HEARTS?weight against that of a feather, the causes of RIGHTEOUSNESS and JUSTICE are served.

Truly fair outcome.  Higher ideals.  Self-development.  NECESSITY.




“what it is, what it is…”

Seeking a WAY THROUGH, the HERMIT turns inward for guidance from the ANCIENT ONES.  Even with eyes trained consciously toward the LIGHT, each step is taken with discretion, for a PATH contains its?pitfalls.  The QUEST is for a FACE to reflect ones?own, the service to HUMANITY a beacon for those who can perceive the RADIANCE within.

Teacher.  Key of the Self.  Stay Conscious.  AWARENESS.





“turn, turn, turn…”

The ETERNAL RETURN is a huge enigma, the ZODIAC truly BIG SCIENCE.  GREAT WORK on the WHEEL begins with the realization that DESTINY does exist.  KARMA is recognized by the repetition of behavioral PATTERNS; they must be looked at closely, for an unexamined LIFE will neither offer FREEDOM, nor be worth living.  The KEY to PERFECTION lies within.

Completion of a Cycle.  Cause and Effect.  Success through Action.  CONTINUITY.






When the inner SELF emerges to renew its?WILL, the LION appears.  Masks of INDIFFERENCE fall away, as does the weakness of succumbing to TEMPTATION.  Exercising COMPASSION rather than the graceless whip of severity has its?reward:  the powerful HEART ENERGY of the beast is integrated, and STRENGTH stirs to rise up from within.

Choices relating to Pride.  The Warriors Path.  Self-Creation.  COURAGE.






The HANGED MAN projects his own image onto REALITYS?silver screen.  In STASIS, he watches as his ENERGY plays a timeless WAITING GAME.  Until karmic TRUTH is accepted, outside ACTIVITY will threaten his ambivalent position; he will hang, in mute suspension, until a message arrives, bearing the possibility of REBIRTH.

Self-Consciousness.  The breaking of old habits.  Transition.  RENEWAL.




 “into the mystic…”

When you know where you are going, you leave peacefully and with confidence; when you don’t, there is a struggle.  PHYSICAL and ESSENTIAL DEATH occurs daily, yet the eye is unaccustomed to the SIGHT of REGENERATION.  When the veil of IGNORANCE lifts, an untranslatable BEAUTY is revealed, whose LIGHT shines on in the BEFORE and HEREAFTER.

Helping others to Know.  Natural Forces.  Changes.  The Gateway.  TRANSFORMATION.




“see me, feel me, touch me…”

In a universe whose glittering images tempt one to DISTRACTION, the SEEKER attempts to tame a wilderness of thoughts and feelings by taking the MIDDLE ROAD.  Consciously stalking the purifying baptism of TEMPERANCE helps one master the skill of BALANCE; EAGLES and LIONS merge to reveal a true picture of WHOLENESS.

Adjustment toward Unity.  Mental Foundations.  Moderation.  PATIENCE.




“devil or angel…”

The INTELLECTUAL MIND removes the SEEKER from the SOURCE.  People cling to male and female form while the HIGHER SELF, beyond gender, is pulled down by lower orders of CONSCIOUSNESS.  Confronting the face of DARKNESS is an OPPORTUNITY to become aware of the LIGHT, and awaken to a true, spiritual UNDERSTANDING.

Male aspect of deity.  Acceptance of that which cannot be proved.  Weird experience.  ALLIANCE.





“I fall to pieces…”

People construct their lives toward a luminous SKY in hopes of touching the divine scope of CONTINUITY.  A humbling DESCENT from the higher reaches of human CONCEIT proves that NATURES?LAWS are more potent than belief systems or mortal designs.  By surviving a FALL, there is a REALIGNMENT, allowing for an emerging SIGHT of what truly belongs to the SELF.

Loss of one thing in order to gain another.  Dramatic Action.  Disruption.  VICTORY.





“It’s your thing…”

The SOUL is a LIGHT BEING whose LUMINOSITY shines in the eyes of those who pursue SELF-EXPRESSION.  POSSIBILITY manifests in the PERSONALITY of the inspired one, forming an island of jewels in the creative CONSCIOUSNESS.  By invoking this ALCHEMY, ILLUMINATION takes form in the celestial SPIRT of STARLIGHT.

Wish Fulfillment.  Blessings.  The Arts.  CREATIVITY.




“some enchanted evening…”

 The ANIMAL KINGDOM gathers at waters?edge and howls an arcane paean to NATURE.  Strange images form on the rippling surface; the MOONS?reflection appears as a silver doorway whose entry promises secret KNOWLEDGE.  The TRAVELER must beware of diving too swiftly into the fathomless DEPTHS, for the concealed REVELATIONS below can offer a dark world to one who seeks the LIGHT.

 Esoteric studies.  Things not as they seem.  Forbidden Fruit.  MYSTERY.





 “shine on, you crazy diamond…”

Gracing the WORLD with alchemical fires of TRANSFORMATION, EL SOL weds MATTER to GOLD within the HEARTS?conscious FLAME.  The luminous SUN is the essence of PURE LIFE, enabling PLEASURE to exist in the midt of an unimaginably profound solar HEAT whose cosmic LIGHT-SOURCE contains the creative PROMISE to make things grow.

Friendship.  Love and Happiness.  Enjoyment.  It’s just a Kiss away.  ATTAINMENT.






“one fine day…”

Accompanied by a trumpet-like SOUND, a MOMENT arrives when bands of REMEMBRANCE loosen and the ARK opens to reveal mirror-like jewels of true MEMORY.  IGNORANCE and ATTACHMENT no longer bury the treasure of karmic TRUTH as the CALL is answered to witness a panoply of other places, times and beings.  Illusions of INDIVIDUALITY vanish in the regenerating SIGHT of one eternal SELF.  Welcome is the holy opportunity to balance accounts and JUDGE reborn lives within the clear light of cosmic CONSCIOUSNESS.

That is the Whole.  This is the Whole.  Atonement.  Forgiveness.  AUSPICIOUSNESS.




 “all of me…”

 As cosmic winds breath through angel hair, symbolic images of the UNIVERSE appear which human beings strive to perceive in physical terms.  FOUR must be seen as ONE in the ALCHEMY of multidimensional REALITY; the result of this riddle is an overview of the WORLD as a place of POWER wherein ENERGY moves yet remains still ?and where there is, finally, a VISION of the PEARL in its?TRANTRIC PERFECTION.

 Beginnings.  Endings.  Paradox.  SYNCHRONICITY.




“on the road again…”

How light the first step upon a golden road of POSSIBILITY.  Plant a seed, direct the WILL, make three wishes and begin the QUEST.  Legs are strong, PURPOSE sure; inner dialogue is abolished.  Horizons speed by, TIME flies, KARMA hastens.  One day, at the CROSSROADS, a messenger appears, telling the true story of a TRAVELER to whom JOURNEY and DESTINATION are ONE and the same.

Spiritual homesickness.  Desire to return to the Source.  The Miracle Mile.  MOTION.




“this magic moment…”

LOVE exists in many forms.  As the fertile black ground reaches up to touch swollen yellow rainclouds, there is a spark in the dark and a SEED of POSSIBILITY takes root.  When INTUITIONS?force merges with skillful INSPIRATION, the universe expands with newly acquired ways of feeling; creative THOUGHT gives birth to the poetic ENERGY OF LIFE.

Action with Energy.  Brave Deeds.  Meaningful Experience.  GROWTH.




 “good virbrations…”

Traveling a pathway of AIR on wings of DESIRE, a haunting message reaches the inner ear and is intensely perceived as HOPE within the HEART.  Approaching from SOMEWHERE ABOVE ILLUSIONS?stalemate and far BEYOND TIME, the resonance of its?SOUND awakens the SOULS?PURPOSE.  By responding to a CALLING, new IDEAS MANIFEST in a uniting ANSWER to divine WILL.

The Cosmic Carrot.  Science of Sound.  Invitation.  Opportunity.  FRUITION.




“here comes the sun…”

Sometimes LIFE just happens.  The PAST is gone and a new ARCHTYPE emerges from its?cocoon, wanting only to dance ?like a butterfly ?on platforms of VISION.  In magical motion, the transformed SELF is like a newborn baby laying claim to a kingdom; METAMORPHOSIS gives SPIRIT the wings to fly.

Uplifting Experience.  Exposure to Light.  Life.  Liberty.  Joy.  DELIGHT.




 “look at me…”

 Seeing the SELF through a filter of the PAST can be very dirty work.  It is scary to gaze into MIRRORS which dazzle the MINDS? EYE like so many facets of a diamond.  Knowing how to FOCUS on the MOMENT reveals the secret TREASURE within LIFES?LOOKING GLASS.  May each glance in a mirror be a PRAYER to an inner SPIRIT which reflects the LIGHT BEING inside.

 Confidence.  Overcoming Shame.  Nobility.  Divination.  VISUALIZATION.




“chances are…”

When one PATH ends and another begins, there is a MOMENT wherein only one ACTION is possible; the INITIATE understands how to consciously surrender WILL as this state of SUSPENDED ANIMATION appears.  EVOLUTION occurs in a CLEARING where there is suddenly NOTHING left to sort out; a corner has been turned and the PAST is out of SIGHT.

Unseen Signals.  Karma appears.  Shed old skin.  SURRENDER.




 “together again…”

THOUGHTS have FORM and therefore DIRECTION.  HEARTS send magnetic arrows across SPACE, TIME, DREAMS, and the spirals of DESTINY to rendezvous with their targets.  SEEING the longed-for face of LOVE lights up the SOUL and completes a CYCLE.  The RETURN of a pulse which matches ones?own is a blissful HEALING;  like the missing piece of a LIFE PUZZLE, the unified IMAGE finally takes shape and becomes clear.

Someone or Something surfaces from the Past.  Renewed Friendship.  Adventure.  REALIZATION.




 “gimme shelter…”

You’ve become lost.  Darkness falls and, seeking REFUGE, you stumble toward the LIGHT.  A stranger in these parts, you crave a CLEARING in which to return to NATURE what is HERS.  Will your plight be met with WARMTH, or will unwitting REJECTION repel you back into the cold zone of NIGHT?  The door swings wide in response to  your knock, the HOST offering you a place which, for awhile, you will call HOME.

Room at the Inn.  A place to consider options.  Comfort.  Safety.  CHARITY.




“doctor doctor…”

The VOICE is made for singing, celebration and HEALING.  BIG MEDICINE is anything ceremonial; listening to music, praying, making love, giving a gift.  Ancient WAYS of creatively channeling EARTHS?OPPOSITES have always been available to those trained in their conscious use; in the shared WISDOM OF EVOLUTION, the strongest MOJO can sometimes be the art of ACCEPTANCE and LETTING GO.

The Healer if Within.  Health Issues.  Discovery.  Connections.  CHALLENGE.




“love and happiness…”

The earliest art history lesson is the cave artist who goes outside, sees something awesome, captures its?SPIRIT and transfers it to the cave wall so it CONTINUES to live.  Desiring to leave a lasting stamp upon HUMANITYS?collective MIND, one makes a gift of ones?HAPPINESS.  Given freely, a SIGN is released for all TIME; LOVE is no longer surrounded by walls of FEAR and darkness, but shines on FOREVER in the secret abode of the gods.

What the other person wants.  Equality.  Empathy.  Generosity.  Bring Something with you.  GRATITUDE




 “splish splash…”

 Perhaps each raindrop really does contain the BENEVOLENCE of an angels?kiss.  As glittering jewels of WATER awaken EARTHS?PERFUME, ones? SOUL is enriched and comforted.  The rhythmic SOUND and cleansing ENERGY of NATURES?SPA promotes a rare, quiet slumber and, after the storm passes, reveals the awesome BEAUTY of a rainbows?PROMISE.

 Open a window and allow Nature in.  Receptivity.  Relief.  Meditation.  TRANQUILITY.




“as time goes by…”

It is hard to lead a seamless existence while tripping over LIFES?stumbling blocks.  Still, one desires the GRACE to move within ENERGYS?own inherent DIRECTION.  Surrendering to NATURES?EBB AND FLOW, karmic weight releases it’s anchoring hold; by letting to of past failings, a new LANGUAGE emerges, enabling a CONVERSATION with the gods.

Emotion in the right place.  Riding the currents.  Stream of Consciousness.  ABUNDANCE.




“gonna take you higher…”

Channeling sparkling thought crystals to those who can catch the GLITTER, the MUSE seeks a forum in which to express CREATION.  From up ABOVE to its?proper place BELOW, the gift of a divinely inspired PROJECT becomes PURPOSE which becomes DIRECTION which, in the mean TIME, becomes DESTINY.

Willing suspension of disbelief.  Form and Content.  Put it where it counts.  ACTIVITY.




“stayin? alive, stayin?alive…”

The PROCESS of mastering ones?earthly assignments is the means to an endless JOB of evolving.  There is always WORK to be done, the greatest LABOR occurring in the STILLNESS of ritualized SILENCE.  Within the ZEN of the MOMENT and the TASK at hand, a centered, more natural place to breathe is located and BEING IS.

Chopping wood and hauling water.  Walking the Walk and Talking the Talk.  Survival.  LEARNING.




 “true love waits…”

Sometimes a DESCENT connects the SELF to TRUE VISION.  Science accepts that which it sees as EVIDENCE, yet fails to perceive an inner world of TRUTH; if ones?FIRST NATURE doesn’t become too attached to THINGS, SIGHT is able to ascend toward a HEALING LIGHT where the waiting face of LOVE may be seen.

Pure Perception.  Attention to Dreams.  Contemplation.  INTELLIGENCE





Everything on EARTH glows with an inner AWARENESS which reflects the SOURCE.  Neither controllable nor understandable, BEING and TRUTH are everywhere, in every THING.  Beyond bright IDEAS, highest KNOWLEDGE, even THOUGHT itself; beyond the MINDS?ability, SOULS?capacity and HEARTS?reach, there is the LIGHT.

Look for Teachings Everywhere.  Memories surface.  Significance.  EXPERIENCE.





“let’s go surfin?now…”

Trying to control a single aspect of LIFE is the highest form of conceit, fighting the FORCE with force the depths of folly.  One SELF can try for BALANCE only within the MOMENTS?CENTER, taking comfort in the TRUTH that nothing in NATURE is ever wasted.  Each transforming WAVE OF CHANGE is part of something UNMOVING and ETERNAL.

What is done cannot be undone, but can be changed.  Ability.  READINESS.





 “strange brew…”


POSSIBILITY unfolds and

Takes a reading of the SOUL;

The deck reshuffling for the best,

While doors open in manifesting

GIFTS imprinted inbetween

The MEMORY to be has been.

Expect the UNEXPECTED ?offer

KINDNESS to the SELF.  Another

Big SURPRISE awaits, beside

A magic WORD unto the wise


Whose riddle is the MYSTERY.


 When least expected, the Self is quietly liberated from Karma.  FREEDOM.





ADVICE can transform on all levels of BEING.  Linking SPIRIT to flesh, a READING forms symbolic riddles related to the BECOMING of who and what one IS.  Bridging the depth of human questioning to a divine RESPONSE, psychic SHARINGS span the need for sacred CONTACT within the dual REALITIES of body and SOUL.

Rings of Communication.  Revelation of Secrets.  Transference.  TRUTH.





“the sea of love…”

Dawn breaks, and like-minded souls gather on the shores of the COSMIC SEA to await a ship.  LONGING and DESIRE have evolved into a higher PURPOSE now calling, like a SIREN, from across the horizon.  Everyone has played a part in building a boat which can sail and, as conscious companions board the VEHICLE OF HUMANITY, the endless oceanic voyage of DISCOVERY continues.

Craft.  Expansion.  Infinity.  Yearning.  DESTINY.





 “strawberry fields forever…”

The choice between the SACRED and PROFANE is not always clear, especially when one is lost in dreamy worlds of ILLUSION.  Mesmerized by a touch, a sight, a sound, eyes close and the SOURCE remains unquestioned.  Recognizing hypnotic states of CONSCIOUSNESS becomes easier with PRACTICE and, ultimately, the true SELF is redeemed.

Stop, look and listen, before you cross the street.  Look before you leap.  Let your Conscience be your Guide.  A stitch in Time saves nine.  BOUNDRIES.




“I put a spell on you…”

Flattered by a SIREN SONG, ENERGYS?inherent DIRECTION is ignored and CAUTION thrown to the winds.  It is easy to fall asleep and awaken in the arms of somebody else’s KARMA.  When STRENGTH and personal POWER are missing after such a BREATHLESS JOURNEY, the SELF has been subjugated; there is no other choice but SURRENDER to the ONE TRUE WILL of CONSCIOUS LIGHT.

The Garden of Earthly Delights.  Fantasy.  Attraction.  EVIDENCE




 “can’t see the forest for the trees…”

As the SUNS?gravitational pull holds the EARTH in orbit and sheds the LIGHT that is needed to live, so do one persons?ACTIONS affect much more than one SELF.  ILLUSIONS OF SEPARATION have no validity in NATURE, forming imprisoning vacuums of past KARMA; it is impossible to be EXCLUSIVE within the united RELATEDNESS of ALL.

As above, so below.  Feeling special?  Think again.  It is all One.  WHOLENESS.





 “the real nitty gritty…”

The FOOL falls into a WORLD OF EXPERIENCE just as the ART OF DETACHMENT is mastered.  Used to observing LIFE from a comfortable distance, the LIGHT OF TRUTH now exposes once-secret stories of chance-taking, HAPPENINGS, and tested limits.  Acknowledging ones?personal HISTORY is valuable, for it is then no longer doomed to karmic REPETITION, and the FUTURE can be entered with a lighter HEART.

Tales from the Dark Side.  Pushing the envelope.  The Edge.  Scars which enhance the Aura.  You are the sum of your Experiences.  ACCEPTANCE.





“as tears go by…”

It is no simple matter to LOVE and be loved in return.  MISTAKES happen, EXPECTATIONS lower, CENTERS are misplaced.  ACTION occurs multi- dimensionally; contemporary LIFE is a PARADOX in the flesh.  Assuming RESPONSIBILITY for the CONSCIOUSNESS of another negates ones?own KARMA and, while true COMMUNION with the BELOVED is in the MIND, It remains out of SIGHT.

Know Thyself.  Be Here Now.  Still waters run deep.  Cause and Effect.  A Prison of ones?own Devise.  PERSPECTIVE.





 “like a rock…”


Not thinking BEING THOUGHT itself

Unmanifest made MANIFEST

A seed within the UNIVERSE


More of a SOUND than any THING

To travel overflowing RINGS,

Surrendering to multitudes

One LIFE containing the whole WORLD;

A landscape navigated by the

Boat which sails on SPIRIT SKY

Witnessing cosmic PARADOX;

An EYE the KEY that WILL unlock

A DOOR revealing the great STONE   -

The ONE philosophers call HOME

And is at once CONTENT and FORM

I AM THAT REFUGE in the storm.


Point of no return.  KNOWING.





ATTENTION shifts as playful RECOGNITIONS tickle at the back of the MIND.  No longer locked into a familiar world of SPACIAL RELATIONSHIPS, one watches the variegated COLORS OF NATURE sharpen and reveal a pantheon of friendly, half- remembered SHAPES in the SKY: castles in clouds, cats in boots, scary monsters with long tails.  Sometimes, one has to lose FOCUS in order to truly SEE.

There’s Magic in the air.  The Velvet Hours of Childhood.  Expansion.  WONDER.




“my little runaway…”

PRESSURES absense can make the HEART grow fonder; when DESIRE and HUNGER are not present, a certain PLEASURE is experienced by FALLING, FREE from the gravity of daily concerns.  DRIFTING between forces of DARK AND LIGHT, vague emotional stirrings FLOAT through of field of yesterdays?DREAMS.  It takes EFFORT to reconstruct a SHIELD to see one through the personal nature of a WAKE UP CALL.

Disassociation.  Something needs facing.  Point of Departure.  Integrity.  GROUNDING




“you’d better shop around…”

Striving to convert EMPTINESS into something golden, one squanders inner resources in the NAME and alchemical marketplaces of ACQUISITION         and OWNERSHIP.  Whether it’s sex, food, clothes or SELF-value, a KEY is desperately being sought to unlock LIFES?HOLDING PATTERN until, when least expected, the DOOR is opened from WITHIN.

Nostalgia.  Sentiment.  Folly.  Objects of Desire.  Repetition.  FATE.




 “cry, baby, cry…”

Something happens when Desire is not engaged, and one isn’t met on a COMMON GROUND of GROWTH and UNDERSTANDING.  MOODS entrap those who feel unworthy to receive that which is sought.  But DISAPPOINTMENT offers the chance to make a BID FOR FREEDOM; when LIFES?LESSONS are gratefully accepted, cycles of INEVITABILITY end, giving way to TRUE MEMORY.

Walls of Expectation.  Myths of Failure.  Incorrect Thinking.  DESERVING.




“like an old-time movie…”

Like waves combing the sands in spontaneous moments of UNITY, so does the MIND open to its?transcendent NATURE.  When the PSYCHE is polluted, personal DREAMS and private dramas are sometimes projected onto the REALITY of others.  These distorted VISIONS OF SELF wound everyone, creating an ANXIETY which needs to be sacrificed into the conscious flame of DESTINYS?PROMISE.

Refinement of Emotion.  Clean House.  Point of View.  CLARITY.




“heard it through the grapevine…”

Some people keep SECRETS by wearing two faces, each of them a MASK.  Gripped in illusions of CONTROL, they would rather live a LIE than open their MINDS to another.  When PURPOSE is distorted, ones?talent, power and LOVE are misused; KARMA is diminished.  Rather than fall into a GAP between SELVES, it would serve EVOLUTION best to live in the prophetically fulfilling WISDOM OF THE HEART.

Games.  Question the Source.  Honesty in all things.  Duality.  Sharing.  SPONTANEITY.





“shake, rattle and roll…”

A grieving widow begs the WISE MAN to raise her husband from DEATH.  He says to fetch a mustard seed from one who has never known her PAIN.  She knocks on every door in town, only to hear of a similar LOSS in each house, and so returns to the SAGE, grateful for the lesson in HUMANITY…Medicine defines TRAUMA as INSULT, and it is hard to take impersonally an EVENT which cuts as deep as psychic surgery; staying centered is difficult when the ROOTS of ones?PERSONALITY are exposed and upturned.  Only when illusions of being ALONE burn in TRUTHS?FLAME will LIFES?MIRROR reflect the WARRIOR WITHIN.

Reality Check.  Psychic Release.  Capability.  Recovery.  SACRIFICE.





“tangled up in blue…”

Ones? WORDS, ones?ACTIONS, consciously set the stage for the LIFE one wishes to lead.  From individual dioramas, casts of inner characters enact mythological scenes within the amphitheater of MIND.  By consciously confronting situations which break down perceptual barriers, it eventually becomes possible to rewrite the script and forego an addiction to ENEMY.  Accepting RESPONSIBILITY for who the SELF is removes the OBSTACLES between inner and outer TRUTH.

Old habits die hard.  Make Love, not war.  Singleness of Purpose.  Nemesis.  COMPASSION.





“a magic carpet ride…”

One falls asleep and emerges in playing fields which defy description or scrutiny ?amused, scared, and instructed in the symbolic language of DREAMTIME.  Perceptual barriers maintained by DAY are blown away in egoless NIGHT VISIONS.  Beyond MATTER, each psychic journey affords a karmic review of deep, personal meaning, as well as the chance to see PURPOSE manifested within the collected DREAM of HUMANITY.

Everyday Miracles.  Dream the Dream when awake.  New Behavior.  Altered States.  TRANSCENDENCE.




“express yourself…”

A little SNAKE VENOM in the right place can cure; at the wrong time, it can kill.  When inner buttons are pushed, ancient alarm systems ring out as hungry ghosts, devouring all.  RAGE slumbers in the lower reaches of UNCONSCIOUSNESS; its? awakening heralds NEW ACTION.  Keeping ANGERS?message in a bottle feeds its?potency; transcending it to witness the aspect of SELF that it is, IMPECCABILITY.

The eye of the needle.  The head of a pin.  BALANCE.




“chain chain chain…”

It is easy to be caught in a labyrinth of transient FULFILLMENT while seeking to adorn ones?DREAMS.  Neither wrong nor paradoxical to walk a spiritual PATH yet collect the wonderful THINGS which enhance the SELFS?character and the QUALITY OF LIFE, it must be remembered that POSSESSIONS can create OBSTACLES; it is the emotion of HAPPINESS that is desired, not the OBJECT.

 Fear of Loss.  Careful what you wish for.  The Sacred and Mundane are One.  Toys.  LETTING GO.





“tutti frutti…”

 Objects of DESIRE ought to be sources of HAPPINESS, yet genuine FEELING gets displaced by the emotional maelstroms of one pondering the nature of EXISTENCE.  Coming from the PAST as they do, NEUROTIC PASSIONS have no air to breathe in the clear, pure PERCEPTION of NOW.  Desperate inner voices become stilled in TRUTHS?MINDSTREAM where, with ILLUSION removed, one learns to simply PASS THROUGH.

The Abstract within the Form.  Life is Real.  The Dream is Real.  Believe.  INSIGHT.





“only the lonely…”

Living alone is an accelerated course in BEING.  Everything JUST IS an unconscious COMMUNION with SELF.  While SOCIETY paints chilling pictures of the OUTSIDER, SECLUSION can offer a COMFORT ZONE in which to purify, transform and pursue creative INTENT; when there are no other clocks and no other mirrors but ones?own, KARMA becomes a palpable REALITY.  By that DESIRE, that sacred ALONENESS, OTHERS are created in UNITY.

Encounters with people are Experiences, and all Experiences are Connections between the Self and the Source.  Digest, Contemplate and Release Emotional Experiments.  HUMOR.





 “rock around the clock…”

TIME and SPACE are relative; what may be paper dolls for one is the metaphysical nature of REALITY to another.  THE LEARNING PROCESS never ends, yet ABILITY and innate AWARENESS develop on different, onion-like LEVELS within each person.  EDUCATION is a RITE OF PASSAGE into the higher orders of BEING, an INITIATION where one is taught that the only way to pass a test is to take the TEST.

The formerly unspeakable and unthinkable are now articulated and integrated.  Communication.  Osmosis.  Genius.              EVOLUTION.




“be true to your school…”

Everyone has two lives: one to learn by and one to live after that.  Sitting at a desk within a room which is the studio inside a cave which is the MIND, one travels through layers of UNDERSTANDING in order to learn THOUGHT, master new tools, and depart from the available resources for INFORMATION.  Clearing the MIND, EMOTIONS and ATTITUDES enables one to see the task at hand and attain the desired GOAL.

Find your Voice.  Use what you have.  Zen of the Moment.  Training.  DISCIPLINE.





 “in my room…”




GUARDIAN ANGELS invisible helpers

Inner counselors




Please be with me

All the way up

And all the way back

That no harm come my way

Please surround me my house my car my cat

With a beautiful bubble of violet LIGHT

That lasts through the day

And all through the night


Keep me in the FLOW


Keep me on the PATH



Point of Departure.  Nearing the Core.  Sleep tonight and dream of ballerinas.  FEARLESSNESS.




“paint it black…”

The UNFAMILIAR can produce negative VIBRATIONS of primal force.  Intellectually drawn to that which looks DIFFERENT, one is changed forever by an encounter with the OTHER SIDE.  Lifes?unfolding plan offers MYSTERIES of varying proximity; with SELF-MASTERY, the doors to the UNKNOWN are opened in anticipation of the outlandish possibilities of human AWARENESS inside.

Neither Hope nor Fear.  Make brave Art.  Trick or Treat.  SURPRISE.




“very superstitious…”

Like Orpheus pausing for a fatal glimpse of his lover, DOUBT can drown HOPE in the UNDERWORLDS?depths.  Crawling through YESTERDAYS?dark tunnel toward the LIGHT of an everpresent, everchanging NOW is a necessary ASCENT.  The PAST is a story, and stories are words; VOICES OF LOVE and RINGS OF TRUTH remain forever ingrained in SPIRIT as a PROMISE to and COMMUNION with the SUPREME SELF.

If the Heart has left a situation, let the body follow.  Leap of Faith.  WILLINGNESS




“rescue me…”

PRAYERFULNESS is worn like a garment of LIGHT, whose LUMINOSITY is the EXPERIENCE OF GOD.  As the surface of a quiet lake reflects the SKY ABOVE, so ONE seamless image is everpresent to the MINDS?EYE.  PRAYER is an inward LISTENING ?for the still, small VOICE whose nearness is a BRIDGE spanning the stars ?and whose ANSWER comes, saying I AM HERE.

Love cannot be talked to, but it can be lived.  Concentration shortens distances.  If you build it, They will come.  ANGELS.




“let it be…”

It is imperative to question the SOURCE.  When the body craves something it is allergic to, only SPECIAL EFFORT averts disaster.  MIRACLES occur EVERYWHERE, and that which is sought may be found in a sunset, a kind word, or a MIRROR.  The TEACHING is that it is not so much the ANSWER, as knowing the right QUESTIONS to ask.

Glimpsing the Light is important, but what happens in that glimpse is the Key.  Adjust and attune the Magnetic, for you are poised on the Brink.  GUIDANCE.




“up on the roof…”

The notion of LIFE as a linear progression is as much a man-made invention as TIME.  EVOLUTION is a circuitous business and, in order to ascend to the HEIGHTS, the inner SELF may first decree a DESCENT.  Rising afterward from the depths of REINVENTION, one begins a new climb up REALITYS?LADDER where, from the top rung, a LEAP is taken into the UNKNOWN EXPERIENCE.

Out of the frying pan, into the Fire.  FAITH.




 “time is on my side…”

Like trying to see part of the ocean as separate from the rest, defining GRACE is an illusive attempt to capture ESSENCE.  The KEY to living an AUTHENTIC LIFE comes from the HEART through KARMA; when ones?STORES OF GRACE are unlocked, SELF-fulfilling prophecies of NEW ACTION are heralded, allowing a soft SMILE to emerge as the FUTURE is revealed.

Something will be lost in order to gain another.  Harmony.  Appreciation of Life.  BEING.





 “forever young…”

LOVE beautifies the BELOVED.  Flowers return to EARTH or are pressed between MEMORYS?pages, yet an AWARENESS which springs from the HEART experiences their ESSENCE forever.  The true COLORS of an enhanced LIFE are revealed to those who enjoy a love affair with the UNIVERSE in all its?strange BEAUTY.

Everything That Is Being Itself is beautiful.  Unconditional Acceptance.  PERFECTION.




“love, love, love…”

When TRUTH is discovered WITHIN, it is also perceived ELSEWHERE, for CONSCIOUSNESS forms REALITY.  Results of EFFORT come not from labors?sweat, but appear in which is KNOWN to be TRUE.  When inner aspects are aligned in BALANCE, the SELF is seen in EVERYTHING, and TREASURES which were veiled are NOW revealed.

Show and Tell.  The Causal Plane.  Bondage broken.  You are what you See.  POSSIBILITY.




“on a wing and a prayer…”

BEYOND is TOMORROW, a field of DREAMS where the fulfillment of karmic PURPOSE becomes a real POSSIBILITY ?a place where the WHEEL keeps spinning while the AXLE never moves.  EMIGRATING toward the future HOME, BEYOND steers a course through misty TIME until a glimpse is caught of the NEXT COUNTRY.

Carry Life in your pocket like a newly minted coin.  The Cosmic Carrot.  Ports of Call.  HOPE.